write 5 to the 8 power as a quotient of two exponential terms with the same base in four different ways. use negative and/or zero exponents.

Accepted Solution

Answer:jhfjdhsuhufhreStep-by-step explanation:a) 3x+2(41-5x)=33            as y=41-5x is given3x+82-10x=33-7x+82=33-7x=33-82-7x=-49        cut the negative signs as its LHS and RHSx=49/7=7b)-5x+3(3x-3)=3   as y=3x-3 is given-5x+9x-9=34x-9=34x=3+9x=12/4=3c)4x+11-5x=9-x+11=9-x=9-11-x=-2         cut the negative signs as its LHS and RHSx=2d) 5y+ -5-2y=-11      as x=-5-2y is given3y+-5=-113y=-11+53y=-6y=-6/3=-2e)-5x-4(2x+1)=35       as y=2x+1-5x-8x+4=353x+4=353x=35-43x=31x=31/3x=10.3