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Displaced Persons
February 2009 will mark the release of Derek McCulloch's second graphic novel, Displaced Persons.  Created in collaboration with artist Rantz Hoseley, Displaced Persons tells the story of a uniquely twisted and tragic family history spanning the most turbulent hundred years in the history of mankind: the twentieth century saw 99 wars, 16 famines, 19 pandemics, 14 genocides, and one family lost hopelessly in time.

Displaced Persons Update

As mentioned in the last update, Displaced Persons IS coming out but is very late.  The cause for the delay is artist Rantz Hoseley's unanticipatedly huge workload putting together Comic Book Tattoo, the anthology of comics stories based on songs by Tori Amos.  CBT is done and out now, and Rantz is back at work drawing Displaced Persons.  His last report is that the art is about 2/3 complete.  We're aiming now to debut the book at the New York Comicon in February 2009.  Further updates as events warrant.

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